Looking after your Refrigerant Recovery Unit

Looking at the diagram below you will see that there is a filter in line with the input line to the Recovery unit. It is imperative that this is.


  • Installed when the machine is in operation to stop contaminates reaching the internals of the recovery unit.
  • Replaced regularly to ensure an uninterrupted flow of refrigerant gas.
  • Please refer to Tech Tip pg 18 for Information on modulating the input valve while reclaiming to minimise the risk of damage from liquid “slugging”.
  • Ensure that any extension lead is at least 14AWG or larger and no longer that 7.5 metres as any voltage drop to the machine will affect its ability to work correctly and possibly cause damage.
  • Do Not overfill reclaim containers as this will also potentially damage the reclaim unit or worse, cause the container to rupture with dangerous consequences. They should be filled on a scale and only to 80% capacity to allow for heat expansion.
  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the machine before using and refer back to them if unsure.

A18-5140 Diagram


A18-5140 suits A18-5106 and A18-5107

A18-5148 Kit

To Recycle with A18-5106 and A18-5107 Refrigerant use kit A18-5148

Published October 15, 2019

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